In 2015, Tewa Barnosa founded WaraQ foundation for arts and culture,a non-profit that aims to revive the libyan art scene by supporting critical dialogue between emerging artists and the local audience, through implementing a variety of projects in the contemporary art context.
A year after, Barnosa opened Waraq's Space were exhibitions, talks, workshops were taking place in a regular basis, the space was funded by her education savings, Barnosa believes that the most effective way of getting education that can deal with the challenges in her country is to learn by doing, Her curatorial practice and interest in cultural activism are focused on tackling socio-political issues and how artists respond, react and make statements out of the current conflict, one of the open calls that were announced via waraq foundation was about the definitions of borders, socially, personally and politically. another residency and an exhibition was about the green book that was written by Ghaddafi, and how specific quotes from this book contributed in creating an isolated society by extremely damaging the cultural and social fabric in Libya.

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