Ink and texts on handmade paper, 2019
The work criticizes the so-called “True tripolitanians” and analyzes social privileges given or taken by society itself, Growing up in Tripoli, I observed and heard a common topic in social gatherings questioning the identity and originality of people living in the city, discriminating other citizens based on their roots and the family last name, the tribe, area they live in and come from. The maps shows parts of Tripoli Landscapes where the scripts/texts replaces borders, telling social narratives of the places, the names of the streets changes, landmarks given different values, written in a fusion of languages (Tamazight, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Ottoman and Italian) Languages that were historicaly widely spoken in the city and represents it’s history, past and re-thinks it’s future.

Casa Arabe, Tracing a disappearing landscape, Cordoba, Spain 2019
Residency and exhibition // Curated by Noon Arts Projects