Tifinagh Evedince
Plexiglass alphapets, Ink on cards, Plastic bags 2019

Tifinagh is the ancient (Libyc) african script, It is attested from the 2nd millennium BC to the present time.
The use of script came to disappeare during the Arab-Islamic conquest, and later in present times through the political repression by the diferent goverments in the region and colonial movements.

The language itself is still widely spoken across the Tamazight and Tuareg’s in the region, In Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunis, Egypt (siwa), Niger and Mali, and the canarry islands; traces of the script are found across various rock art locations and world heritage sites in the Sahara.
Today, the Neo-Tifinagh (a recent standard version of the script which came to use in the 20th century) is written from left top write, while ancient inscreptions showed versions from right to left, bottom to top and top to bottom.

By placing the letters inside a plastic bag same as the one used in collecting crime evedinces, The work Tifinagh evedince adresses how the script was banned from use in our current time, which lead to many protests and uprisings.
Algeria witnessed several movements of demonstration and rebiliions, The tamazight spring 1980, The black spring 2001, and the recent Hirak in 2019.
Libya’s authors, activists and poets were asassinated ny the ghaddafi government for their work and the awarness they brought to the topic.