Sun on closed windows
Inks on canvas, fabric, and window glass, 2019

Sun on closed windows is titled after a book published in 2017 in Libya, with diverse texts by 25 emerging authors and poets.
Two pages out of the 500, included a sexual dialogue written in a non-poetic/slang Libyan dialect, reflecting a story that happens in the Libyan society in regular basis, the young man is being interrogated over a sexual act with the armed elite.

The public reacted violently and negatively over the text on social media with death threats to many indivisuals involved, causing the shut down of two cultural hubs where the the book signing event took place, and burning the remaining bridges for artists, authors and journalists to discuss complex truths.

Barnosa’s work observes the margins of that censorship, yet endulges in a parallel conversation with the text author, as means of deconstructing the roots of the self/social cencorship according to the Libyan literture experience.