Silence Symphonies

Tewa Barnosa explores the theme of silent protest through material communication. She considers how objects become parts of our history and serve as timelines of collective and individual narratives. Investigating wall taggings found in Libya, Barnosa takes the statement “the walls are listening” as a means of cultural anthropology. These artefacts become the voice of the place, they not only are listening, but are also speaking, protesting and sharing unheard voices.

The installation consists of 50 bricks, metaphorically, each brick is a protestor statement, some which disturbingly but realistically portrays the different narratives of Libya and it’s civil war, some describes the terror and horrific conditions which Libyans live in, some are written in dark humour and longing for a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, describing social, political, historical and religious events and slogans that carries cultural references from the Libyan context.

Image credits: Rolf Schulten

Infinite Silence
Transcripts of protests slogans, Neon glass mounted on 150 cm Canvas, 2019

Silence / Tripoli Corniche, 2015