Let’s go to the toilet

Participatory scenographic installation
Looping visuals on 2 meters LED panel
Sound duration: 7 minutes
Let’s go to the toilet acts as an ongoing audio-visual performance exploring the club toilets' spatial, rebellious, rusty and rough calligraphic and sound esthetics, statements, recitations and written vandalized narratives, merging sound recordings and texts to embody a ritual where freedom and power collide in a cynical manner.

The installation first positioned at the Studio A39 of Tewa Barnosa within the spacial structure of the Rijksakademie, is indeed an escape of the overwhelmness of intellectual institutional spaces, yet, the space scenography, light design, and the led pixel screen reciting statements in repetitive Tifinagh, English, Arabic and dutch, offers a tools of taking agency, and invites the space users to a utopian world of pink shades and purple dreams, the temporary privacy of the toilet provides a position to use or abuse the properties of what a toilet means for different individuals, The audiance marked the toilet plexi walls over and over, glued stickers and left their stories, sadness, strength and signatures.

In the interviews and conversations with friends, community and audience, the responses always refers to the intimicy yet intimidation of toilet as a semi-private/semi-public spatial environment where hygine is questioned, nevertheless, it’s always also a question of removing one’s self from the rest, 

Currently, the toilet made is a mobline station for the artist and the community to use as a recording booth, a portal for narrative diruption or private recitations and reading sessions, the toilet is a performance that is performing itself.